Askliy Socks 6-Pack For Men & Women, Knee High, Anti-Swelling & Varicose Veins Graduated Compression- Best Nursing socks, Travel & Flight Socks – Running & Fitness – 15-20mmHg.

Askliy Socks 6-Pack For Men & Women, Knee High, Anti-Swelling & Varicose Veins Graduated Compression- Best Nursing socks, Travel & Flight Socks - Running & Fitness - 15-20mmHg.

  • SUPERIOR QUALITY COMPRESSION SOCKS: Beating out the competition, our knee-high socks are made of a premium blend of 90% Nylon and 10% Spandex, which is perfectly breathable and potently moisture absorbent. Offering knee-to-toes protection, our socks hug your calves and provide comfortable compression, which eases your mobility and keeps your fragile legs, safe.
  • IMPROVED CIRCULATION, ENHANCED PERFORMANCE: Regulating blood flow to the lower extremities, leg compression is a veritable necessity for anyone working long-hours standing on their feet, or those heavily invested in athletics and a fitness lifestyle. Keeping your circulatory system functioning in tip top shape, these socks prevent muscle fatigue, leg swelling and the appearance of varicose veins, while they help prevent all associated leg injuries, such as shin splints.
  • COMFORT INNOVATION: Anti-bacterial and quick-drying, our socks are ideal for those with foot sensitivities and excessive leg sweating. Thanks to their outstanding, swift moisture-wicking qualities, they shield against the development of troubling fungal feet infections, such as Athlete’s Foot.
  • A VALUE FOR MONEY UNISEX SOCK PACK: No other offering on the market surpasses Footloose Compressions Socks’ quality and variety. Our unisex pack offers 6 PAIRS of high-caliber socks in 6 stylish colors, suitable for both men and women alike. As they are 100% Machine Washable and Snag Resistant, you are getting an amazing offer, amounting to one pair of socks for EVERY work day & your busy weekend, saving the 7th day to wash them for the coming week!
  • 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: Developed after thorough research and embraced by medical professionals, doctors, nurses and all active people alike, it is certain you are going to love your brand new compression socks!

Better Circulation, Strong Muscles, Healthy Joints: These Socks Are Your Best Choice For Complete Leg Health

Are you a doctor or a nurse, whose legs cramp and swell after years of endless shifts?

Do you love working out, running, jogging, cycling?

Perhaps you are a frequent flying businessman, who has witnessed just how high altitudes take their toll on blood circulation.

If you are anyone concerned with feet troubles, we are here to offer you the simplest and most effective countermeasure against the development of long-term, feet-related health issues.

What Makes These Compression Socks Stand Out?

Expertly designed to protect your muscles & joints, while regulating blood flow and valve efficiency, these socks help energize your legs, in the most natural way.

Ensuring even blood distribution through aiding your veins efficiently pump it back to your heart, the entirety of your body and particularly your at-risk limbs remains perfectly oxygenized and safe against all kinds of injuries and swelling.

Odorless, Relaxed, Happy Feet!

Claim your own compression socks 6-Pack today and make a difference in your everyday life and long-term health.

Gain the most powerful ally to help you stand firmly on your feet, now, and always!

What’s In The Box:

– 6 Pairs Of Unisex Compression Socks, One In Each Of The Following Colors: Black, White, Beige, Dark Grey, Coffee, Navy Blue.

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