Burnoaa Real Heavy Duty Shoulder Strap/Pad – Black/XL

Burnoaa Real Heavy Duty Shoulder Strap/Pad - Black/XL

  • Real Heavy Duty, Black Metal use, Durable material
  • Comfortable Memory Foam padded shoulder pad, Non-slip meterial
  • Adjustable, Replacement shoulder strap/pad
  • Dimensions(Length): 26 ~ 51 inches (Min. ~ Max. length), Width: 1.75 inch
  • For Laptop, Business bag, Travel bag, Camera bag, other shouder bags

Burnoaa Memory Foam Shoulder strap/pad BACS-XL

Memory Foam padded.
Adjustable, Replacement, Durable material


Color: Black
Pattern: Leather pattern
Material: Metallic, Memory foam
Dimensions(Strap): 26~51 inches (W x Min. ~ Max. length)
Package Includes: Strap with Pad
Quantity: 1
Country of Manufacture: Korea, South

Compatible with:

Computer bags, Business/Briefcase, Travel, Camera bags, other shoulder bags.


100% Brand New.
Top-Quality Memory foam material.
Comfortable and Non-slip pad.
Durable material.

Discount Price: £12.79
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