Flying with Confidence: A Guided Relaxation

Flying with Confidence: A Guided Relaxation

Does the thought of flying fill you with dread? ­Do panic attacks leave you feeling scared and vulnerable? If so, this essential audio guide could change your life. Written and read by top psychologist Patricia Furness-Smith, a flying expert from British Airways’ “Flying with Confidence” course, this reassuring guide will enable you to develop and reinforce techniques for feeling confident and in control from take-off to landing. Includes proven techniques for controlling anxiety, claustrophobia, and panic, which will help you feel safe when you next take to the skies, such as:

  • Guided visualisation
  • Correct breathing patterns
  • Full body relaxation
  • Application of senses to keep the mind positively occupied.

Patricia will guide you through a soothing hour-long relaxation programme, which can be used both in between flights and even while you’re on the plane to help you feel calm and secure.

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