Handbag Organiser Travel Bag Organiser for Designer Handbags – Medium

Handbag Organiser Travel Bag Organiser for Designer Handbags - Medium

  • ORGANISE YOUR HANDBAG, ORGANISE YOUR LIFE by having a place for everything you’re carrying. This essential handbag organizer has pockets to insert small accessories and a center compartment for the larger items. Everything will stay where you put it, neat and tidy, for quick and easy access.
  • MAKE YOUR DAY LESS STRESSFUL by reaching into your handbag and finding what you need instantly (with practice you won’t even need to look in your bag anymore). The days of missing a call or having to empty your handbag to find those elusive keys are over!
  • BE PREPARED FOR ANYTHING by protecting the interior of your handbags. Although not waterproof, our organisers add a great layer of protection against leaks, sharp objects, dust and dirt. Because your bag’s inside is just as beautiful as its outside.
  • SPRUCE UP YOUR LOOK by starting to use all your other beautiful handbags currently sitting in your closet. Simply lift our organiser by the handles out of handbag #1 and place it in handbag #2. Isn’t it time to impress your girlfriends, family and co-workers?
  • A PORTION OF PROCEEDS IS DONATED to She’s The First because we too believe that a girl with an education is unstoppable. By choosing to purchase a Simply Put Goods organizer, not only are you bringing ease to your life, you are also helping a girl escape poverty through quality education.

“Absolutely love this product”

“This organiser is a life saver”

“Excellent Quality”

“I love it! The first handbag organiser that doesn’t crumple”

The Best Handbag Organiser on the Market
– Organise, protect, switch and show off your handbag with ease
– Colors won’t transfer to your bag’s interior lining
– Felt material prevents this organiser from moving around or flipping upside down inside your handbag
– Soft material safe for electronics
– Makes it easier to switch between handbags, and often
– Multiple pockets allow quick access to items
– Lightweight and versatile

How to choose the right size organiser? These questions will guide you:
1. What size handbag do you most often use?
2. Which bags do you use most often? i.e. If you frequently switch between a handbag (for nights and weekends), a backpack (for work) and a gym bag, then use the smallest bag as a guideline to buy the right organiser.
3. Measure the interior length, width and height of your handbag with a measuring tape. Compare them to the dimensions below. Please allow 2 cm clearance on all sides and height.
4. Is the opening of your handbag large enough to insert the organiser?

Medium Organizer
– Overall dimensions: 23 cm L x 9 cm W x 17.8 cm H
– 4 interior pockets: 9 cm W x 10 cm H
– 4 exterior pockets: 12.7 cm W x 10 cm H

– High quality felt
– Well-crafted
– Designed smartly to help you turn chaos into order


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