Shoulder of the Giant

Shoulder of the Giant

Commander John Madison intercepts a message about the fate of a nearby star and notifies his superiors. They dispute his findings and are unwilling to do anything without a formal request from the worlds involved.
Unable to sit back and do nothing, John gathers his friends, borrows a ship and sets off to help. He has no real plan in mind, figuring that those who asked for his help have the answers.
The worlds are in the throes of civil war. The legitimate ruler ousted and a military dictatorship in control. John’s contact is the rebel leader; a man whose choices for his people seem to be all out war or cosmic destruction.
With a tentative solution at hand and the military on his back, John sets in motion a series of events that will change the course of the galaxy forever – and from which none of them will escape unscathed.

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Dicota Classic Giant Black Laptop Bag Carry Case for 18″ – 20″ Notebooks

Dicota Classic Giant Black Laptop Bag Carry Case for 18

  • Cushioned Notebook compartment (High-Density Foam)
  • Lockable Notebook compartment
  • Divider to allow optimum sizing of the Notebook compartment
  • Notebook strap (tie-down strap)
  • Cable case

Highlights: ·Padded laptop compartment (high-density foam) ·Divider for optimum sizing of the laptop compartment ·Laptop strap (tie-down strap) ·Front pocket with holders for pens, mobile/PDA and additional mobile accessories ·Document compartment at the back of the case

Features: ·Weight: 1.6 kg ·Dimensions: 530 x 440 x 140 mm ·Max. laptop dimensions: 485 x 390 x 65.0 mm ·Suitable for laptops from 45.7 cm (18″) up to 50.8 cm (20.1″).

Technical Specifications: Dimensions: (W x H x D) 53 x 44 x 14 cm

Description: The DICOTA ClassicGiant is a generously proportioned case for laptops up to 50.8cm (20.1″). The particularly effective yet lightweight protective padding made from high-density foam surrounds the laptop and provides perfect protection. The size of the laptop compartment can be adjusted as required with the help of a foam insert with a Velcro fastener. The all-round protection of the laptop is ensured every time. The laptop is also held in place with the laptop strap. Perfectly arranged compartments in the front compartment of the ClassicGiant provide the necessary clarity. Here there is place for your mobile, CDs, pens and other pieces of equipment. A document compartment on the back of the case offers plenty of space for documents – the zip on the compartment will ensure that your documents do not go missing. The separate cable bag is handy for stowing the mains units and cables. The DICOTA ClassicGiant will ensure that you are always well equipped for your everyday life on the move. The soft neoprene carrying handle ensures that carrying is pleasant and easy, the practical shoulder strap and trolley fastening strap (on the back of the case) keep your hands free.

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Holiday Hanjie: Giant Picture Puzzles

Holiday Hanjie: Giant Picture Puzzles

Packed from cover to cover with huge Hanjie picture puzzles, all of which reveal an elaborate holiday-themed image once successfully solved, this book contains “ten” 40×40 puzzles, “five” 40×30 and “five” 30×40 puzzles plus a whopping “thirty” 30×30 puzzles! Brief solving instructions are included, and every puzzle is guaranteed to be logically solvable with no guessing required. Printed on high-quality 8.5 inch by 11 inch paper, ideal for solving on, the puzzles are ordered in increasing difficulty from the front to the back of the book.

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