Moollyfox Women Casual Cute Cow Printed Canvas Travel Drawstring Backpacks As Picture

Moollyfox Women Casual Cute Cow Printed Canvas Travel Drawstring Backpacks As Picture

  • Size: 37*46 CM Capacity: 20-35 L Weight: 0.2 KG
  • Lightweight design, easy to open and carry
  • Casual easy style using for: School, Travel, Hiking, Excursion, Going out
  • Perfect gift for you and your friend
  • Quality and bearing: Standard quality, the bag could be beared the weight of 7.5-12.5 KG

Colors for selection: As Picture

Packing Weight: 0.2 KG

Material: Canvas

Detailed Size: Length 37 CM, Height 46 CM

There might be slightly difference in ColorName, because of the computer monitor settings

With the difference in the measurement method, please allow 1-3 CM in size deviation

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Comforting With Bible Phrases, Prayers and Flowers Picture Book

Comforting With Bible Phrases, Prayers and Flowers Picture Book

This book has 80 pages. On each page, there are one comforting sentence based on a Bible phrase or a personal prayer and one flower picture. To get all the different kinds of close-up flower pictures, during the course of over one whole year, carrying my Canon EOS Rebel XSi digital camera and my Samsung Galaxy S5 cell phone, I visited various flower shops, flower shows, parks, people’s front yards, department store parking lots, shopping malls and went to several botanical gardens in Southern California, such as The Huntington Library and Botanical Gardens in San Marino, Descanso Gardens in La Canada Flintridge, Los Angeles County Arboretum and Botanic Garden in Arcadia and Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden in Claremont, multiple times to take thousands of flower pictures and only the prettiest and the most appealing pictures are chosen to be used in this book. All the backgrounds of the flowers are changed to dark or black color by using PhotoShop photo editing software tool.

This book is for everyone who feels sad, depressed, unhappy or simply bored, not just for Christians, Catholics or religious people. By viewing the pages, hopefully you could feel a warm flow of peace, tranquility and happiness radiates from the bottom of your heart and bring you new hope, certainty and optimism to face your problems, dilemma, threat or the sense of hopelessness. It might even be shining an invisible bright column of colorful lights toward you to alleviate your burden, pressure and negative impact. It would be immensely helpful if you calm down and take a deep breath before you view the pages of this book. God bless you!
Partial Phrase Listing:
P1 O LORD, listen to my plea for help and please rescue me.
P2 Please save me, O my God, you are my last hope!
P3 O LORD, pity me, my eyes grow dim through sorrow.
P4 I call upon you, O God, please answer me.
P5 God, I am your servant, let me know what to do.
P6 O LORD, I cry day and night before you for mercy.
P7 LORD, I hold you in my heart, relieve my pain!
P8 Be gracious and generous to me, O LORD!
P9 God, preserve my life, I have to live, I must!
P10 O LORD, give me courage and strength, keep me from all evil.
P11 O LORD, please make haste to answer me.
P12 God, where are you? Please do not hide your face from me!
P13 O LORD, be forgiving and allow me back into your herd.
P14 LORD, thank you for letting me take refuge under your wings!
P15 God, accept me, do not treat me as a stranger!
P16 O God, I beg you to hear my prayer, give ear to my plea.
P17 O LORD, show me your unwavering love!
P18 My God, forbid me from being put into shame.
P19 I want to follow your way, O LORD, show me your path.
P20 LORD, I put myself into your hand, please lead and guide me.
P21 My God, assist me, be my helper!
P22 O God, I shall not be afraid, I know I can depend on you.
P23 My God, I trust in you forever, get me out of my predicament!
P24 Remember me, LORD, when you bestow favor to the people.
P25 Make me strong, O God, to get rid of bad habits and influence!
P26 God, you have done so much for me, I am truly grateful.
P27 My God, I thank you and praise you forever!
P28 Please listen to my words, O LORD, give me a sign!
P29 O LORD, I repent before you, forgive my sins.
P30 God, if I win, I will rejoice for your generosity and love.
P31 Be my guardian, God, I am in distress and facing shame.
P32 Save me, God, my eyes are swollen from grief.
P33 I am so nervous, God, let me smile when I see the test result.
P34 God, I call upon you to rescue me from my despair and failure.
P35 Do not give up on me, O LORD, especially now!
P36 O God, help with my fear, come into my heart!
P37 O LORD, be piteous to me, please heal me and save me!
P38 God, I am faithful to you, please give my kid special blessing!
P39 Hear my plea, rescue me from my enemy, God.
P40 O God, cleanse my sins, I beg you, make haste to help me!
(P41 – P80: Please see listing in the book).

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